Welcome to Buildnis’ documentation!

Buildnis is a distributed, platform independent build system that can handle C++20 and Fortran modules and is flexible enough to build any language and handle (almost ;) any build step imaginable. It is written in Python and needs a Python interpreter, at least version 3.9.

The main goal is to have a build system with only the minimum needed configuration and specially user interaction to build software on all supported OSes (Linux, Mac OS X and Windows - alphabetically). The list of currently automatically supported compilers and build tools can be found at the chapter Supported Configurations. How to customize Buildnis for your needs can be found at Customizing Buildnis, how to extend it, that means adding other OSes or CPU architectures or stuff that need changes in the Python code of Buildnis itself, can be found in the chapter Extending Buildnis.

To get you started, short how-tos to get Buildnis up and running: